Security and privacy

Security and privacy in the Internet is a multi-faceted topic concerning issues of communication, software and content, and where skills in a variety of fields including operating systems, distributed algorithms, theory of information are required. ComonLabs addresses a number of challenges of building secure and trustworthy execution platforms, providing secure communication facilities, engineering secure business services, and protecting the content made available in these open systems. In addition, the privacy of users is at stake and methods for defining and enforcing security policies that are both robust and easy to use must be developed.

The following initial list of challenges aimed at providing a secure cloud-based platform where multimedia content can be stored and manipulated in the respect of each individual’s privacy.

  • Preventily protecting the cloud: secure and trustworthy execution platforms
  • Monitoring the cloud: malware detection and response
  • Distributing content on the cloud: traceability and protection
  • Privacy protection mechanisms for the cloud


Research projects of the track:

  • H-A-H: Hardware and Arithmetic for Hyper-elliptic Curves Cryptography (in cooperation with CHL labex)
  • HardBlare: Co-processors for information flow control
  • Kharon: Discovering Android Malware with Information Flow Monitoring
  • Poseidon: Protection of outsourced or mutualized data and content
  • PrivGen: Privacy-preserving sharing and processing of genetic data (in cooperation with GenMed labex)
  • Profile: Analyzing and mitigating the risks of online profiling
  • Seccloud: Security of client-side JavaScript

Follow-up actions of the track:

  • JSExplain: Explaining JavaScript executions (standardization)
  • Tyrex: Lattice-based cryptography for homomorphic encryption
  • Watsup: Watermarking outsourced data (start-up project)

Description of the follow-up actions is available: here

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