Research Tracks

CominLabs activities were initially divided into seven research axes related to societal challenges: digital environment for the citizen; user centric images and media of the future; ICT for personalized medicine; neural coding; energy and resource efficiency in ICT; the social web; security and privacy. Then, with the successive calls for research projects, several clusters of research topics have arisen, and we decided in 2015 to organize CominLabs activities into tracks corresponding to these clusters. Three tracks have been defined: ICT for Health, Security and Privacy, Communication. With tracks over the 2015-19 period, we want to capitalize on the skills developed, to allow for cross-fertilization (cross-project interactions) and to pursue the following goals :

  • Strong and distinctive competencies of CominLabs must be put forward
  • The transforming and structuring effect of CominLabs must be made explicit and further exploitable
  • Further software development and industrial
  • International extension must be explored.

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