The overall governance of the CominLabs is organized as follows.

The Steering Committee (SC) includes the representatives of CominLabs partner institutions (voting members) and the heads of partner labs. It is chaired by the representative of the leading institution. SC is responsible for the overall policy of CominLabs. Yearly, the SC reviews the educational and scientific strategy, roadmap, and funding plans, as proposed by EB (see below). SC assigns resources to EB according to the subsidiarity principle. All minutes are available below.

The Head and Executive Board (EB) comprises the CominLabs director (or project manager), Patrick Bouthemy (Inria), and presently 8 members (deputy directors, head of tracks, former director). It triggers and manages CominLabs activities. The EB tightly interacts with IAC (see below) to select and assess research projects. The head with the help of EB prepares the documents for the yearly meetings of the SC. In particular, the head yearly proposes funding assignment to the SC for decision.

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) is an essential body of CominLabs governance. It requires an active and sustained involvement of its members. The IAC gathers 10 international leaders from academia and industry in the areas of CominLabs. The IAC reviews proposals submitted to the CominLabs yearly call for research projects, advises CominLabs leadership for the selection of the new projects and activities, and evaluates the progress of these projects. The IAC also periodically evaluates the achievements and perspectives of CominLabs, and formulates recommendations to the EB.

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