Labex CominLabs

Labex CominLabs

What is a labex?


Labex is the contraction of Laboratory of Excellence. The Labex were launched under the « Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir » (PIA) after two calls in 2011 and 2012. The overall objective of the Labex program was to strengthen the excellence of French research.


Le Labex CominLabs


The Labex CominLabs exhibits several specificities. CominLabs covers a wide range of ICT topics while involving issues related to social sciences. It spreads over a large geographical area, Brittany and Nantes.

CominLabs relies on 9 partner laboratories in Brittany and Nantes. It was launched in 2011 for a period of 9 years until the end of 2019. A five-year extension (2020-2024) has been awarded in 2019. The University of Rennes 1 is the coordinating institution and Inria is the managing institution. 15 institutions, universities, engineering schools and national research organizations, are involved.

CominLabs ambition is to build a dynamic and multidisciplinary networked research around the current challenges of the digital society, and to gather original and internationally recognized expertise. The international dimension is inherent to CominLabs through its projects and their contributions, the various collaborations established, but also through the International Advisory Committee (IAC).

CominLabs motto is to favor collaborative, original and risky projects, bringing together complementary skills, « projects that could not exist without CominLabs ».

The 9 partner laboratories of the Labex







The Head and Executive Board (EB)


The overall strategy of the Labex and its implementation are conducted by its Director and two Deputy Directors. The Executive Board (EB) includes six other members in addition to the Labex head. The EB manages the scientific activities of CominLabs and interacts closely with the International Advisory Committee.


The International Advisory Committee (IAC)


The International Advisory Committee (IAC) plays an important role. It brings together 10 renowned scientists from the academic world and industrial R&D in the areas explored by CominLabs. It is involved in the selection, follow-up and evaluation of projects.


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